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February 10 and March 2
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Jericho Road Lowell is currently seeking candidates for nonprofit board service who represent Lowell's diversity - ethnic groups, individuals from all income levels, women, and/or young people.  In addition to helping Lowell boards better reflect the culture and priorities of the communities they serve, you can employ valuable professional and leadership skills as a board member, and develop new professional connections.
Through our  Board Diversity Initiative workshops, receive free training in the roles and responsibilities of being a board member, as well as cultural competency.  After the training, you will be carefully and mutually matched with a nonprofit board. Please note:  A minimum of 2 years of service as a board member is typically required.  
For more information, please contact Jericho Road Site Director Jack Wang at
Since its founding, Jericho Road Lowell (JRL) has recruited more than 250 volunteers and engaged them in 400+ collaborations with Lowell nonprofits, delivering approximately 1500 hours of technical assistance annually.  Jericho Road Lowell helps nonprofit organizations in Lowell perform better and more effectively serve their constituents and community through the following services:

• Skills-Based Volunteering -- Through a process that matches the skills and experience of volunteer professionals with the capacity-building needs of Lowell nonprofits,  Jericho Road offers customized services that help our clients overcome challenges and plan for the future. Jericho Road Lowell volunteers apply their expertise in such areas as strategic planning, capital campaigns, marketing, fundraising, technology planning, and legal consultation.

The Leadership Connection -- This program addresses nonprofit needs for new board members who have the leadership skills to govern and inspire the Lowell nonprofit community.  We recruit, train and match professionals to serve on Greater Lowell nonprofit boards.

Healthy Board Development -- Through this service Jericho Road Lowell collaborates with selected nonprofit boards to provide training and coaching tailored to address their specific needs, and assist them in identifying and following through on board priorities.  The goal of the Healthy Board Development initiative is to maximize board performance so that the mission of the organization survives and thrives.

• Board Diversity Initiative -- Launched in 2013, Jericho Road Lowell's Board Diveristy Initiative assists nonprofits in Lowell in diversifying their boards and creating a culture of inclusion to better represent the communities they serve.  Through recruiting, training and matching culturally diverse individuals to Lowell nonprofit boards, Jericho Road helps strengthen participating organizations' connections to their constituents, as well as their capacity to provide services and carry out their missions. 
To volunteer or apply for pro bono services, please contact:
Jack Wang, Site Director Greater Lowell